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CommUnity Connect


Volunteer Attire: Solid Blue, Solid Orange or  Solid White Shirt with Jeans

Setup Time: 8am-9am

Vaccination Info: Must have proof of vaccination or a negative covid test result within 72 hours of volunteer opportunity. 

Prayer Focus 9/21-9/25

As we get ready for this week's outreach, pray for the following 10 things:

  1. Pray for us to hear clearly what God has assigned us to do.

  2. Pray for the God-assigned team to be in place and for unity to flow through us.

  3. Pray that we connect with the right households at the right time.

  4. Pray for the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit to be evident among us.

  5. Pray for great weather.

  6. Pray that we keep God first in all we do and speak.

  7. Pray for overflow of food, supplies, service and whatever is needed to meet the need.

  8. Pray that we do our part to add to God’s greater vision for the community.

  9. Pray that somebody would experience God’s love and draw even closer to Him.

 10. Pray that someone would be encouraged to keep going, keep living, keep pressing.

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